With this extension, the store owner can create multiple offers with coupon code. Customers can choose coupon as per their requirements. The customer doesn't need to remember or find a coupon code. It shows a real-time countdown so customers can see when the coupon expires. It will help to boost sales.

  • * Create unlimited coupon offers.
  • * Display Multiple Coupon codes.
  • * Display Offer countdown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • * Coupon codes are based on specific products, categories, manufacturers, cart total, payment method, shipping method.
  • * Customers can easily choose coupon as per their requirements.
  • * Create different coupon offers for Guest and Registered customers.
  • * You can display offers on any page.
  • * Offers display to both guest and registered users.
  • * Display available product offers on product page.
  • * Compatible with all themes.
  • * Multi-language Supported.
  • * Multi-Store Supported.
  • * No changes in core files.
  • * Easy to install and Manage.
  • * Installation Guidance included.
  • * Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

Coupon Offers

  • $20.00

Tags: Coupon Offers