This extension allow admin to [b]pre-set different language and currency for different countries[/b]. With this extension visitor can see their local language and currency as per their location. This extension make your visitors comfortable. It is helpful for stores which have multiple language and currencies. It is track the visitor by their IP address.

  • * Enable/Disable Module status.
  • * Set language for different countries.
    Example >> Use English when visitors come from: USA, Canada, UK, Australia
    Example >> Use Arabic when visitors come from: Saudi Arabia
  • * Set currency for different countries.
    Example >> Use USD when visitors come from: USA
  • * Manual redirect based on country.
  • * Show welcome popup when user visit on your store.
  • * Auto select country on checkout, address for based on Customer IP address.
  • * Custom CSS option to add Custom styling.
  • * All Settings are managed by Admin Panel.
  • * Compatible with All Themes.
  • * No changes in core files.
  • * Easy to install and Manage.
  • * Multi-language Supported.
  • * Multi-Store Supported.
  • * Installation Guidance included.
  • * Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

AutoDetect - Language & Currency by IP

  • $20.00

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