This extension allows admin to hide prices of products for guest users. You can hide price for special products, specific products, specific categories and specific manufacturers. This extension displays Quick login button on selected products which replace the price and open the login popup and after login redirect on the same page. You can hide add to cart button on the product page and on other pages add to cart button will redirect to login page.

  • * Enable/Disable Module status.
  • * Hide Price for selected products.
  • * Hide Price for selected categories.
  • * Hide Price for selected manufacturers.
  • * Exclude selected products to see price.
  • * Replace price with Quick login button.
  • * Login with popup or redirect to login page.
  • * Clean & Responsive popup.
  • * Hide add to cart button on product page.
  • * All Settings are managed by Admin Panel.
  • * No changes in core files.
  • * Easy to install and Manage.
  • * Multi-language Supported.
  • * Multi-Store Supported.
  • * Installation Guidance included.
  • * Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

Login to see price

  • $20.00

Tags: Login to see price