With this extension admin can add cost price, profit and profit margin for each product and options. Add product cost price/profit columns on product list page. Auto calculate the profit and profit margin. Admin can also check the cost price and profit in Sale and Product Purchases Reports.
Profit formula - Price - Cost price/ Price * 100

  • Enable/Disable Module status.
  • Show/Hide Cost price/profit/profit margin.
  • Auto calculate profit and profit margin when cost price changes.
  • Auto calculate profit and profit margin when product price changes.
  • All Settings are managed by Admin Panel.
  • No changes in core files.
  • Easy to install and Manage.
  • Multi-language Supported.
  • Multi-Store Supported.
  • Installation Guidance included.
  • Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

Product Cost Price Profit

  • $20.00

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