This extension helps the admin to search product, category, order, customer and coupon quickly from any page. This extension includes additional filters like search Product by SKU, Category by Name, Manufacturer by name, Order by Product, Coupon by Name. It gives desired results and saves a lot of time.

  • Enable/Disable Module status.
  • Search Product By Name
    Product By Model
    Product By SKU
    Category By Name
    Manufacturer By Name
    Option By Name
    Customer By Name
    Customer By Email
    Customer By Telephone
    Order By Order ID
    Order By Customer
    Order By Customer Telephone
    Order By Product
    Order By Order Status
    Order By Total
    Order From Date / To Date
    Coupon By Name
  • All Settings are managed by Admin Panel.
  • No changes in core files.
  • Easy to install and Manage.
  • Installation Guidance included.
  • Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

Quick Admin Search

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