This extension adds a quick communication WhatsApp chat box to your eCommerce website. It allows the customer to start a chat with one click. This helps to encourage customers to have friendly and professional conversations with the support team.

You can create multiple accounts and departments. All settings are managed by the admin panel. You can add a name, department title, greeting message, image, and WhatsApp number to each profile. You can set availability by time and days for each account.

  • * Integrate WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with customers.
  • * Module Status Enable/Disable.
  • * Adjust the button to the left or right.
  • * Add Widget Title, Description, and Button Text fields.
  • * Display and hide on desktop and mobile devices.
  • * Display on multiple selected layout pages.
  • * You have the option of making the button rounded or square.
  • * You can use a custom image for the button.
  • * Button background and color settings.
  • * Create the support team for different departments for chat.
  • * Customize the first message.
  • * Display the online or offline status indicator.
  • * Clean and responsive design.
  • * Compatible with all devices.
  • * Enhance your customers' online shopping experience.
  • * Support for multiple stores.
  • * Multilingual support.
  • * Support for all themes.
  • * There have been no changes to the core files.
  • * Easy to install and manage.
  • * Installation guidance is included.
  • * Free installation and prompt support.

Advance Whatsapp Chat Tool

  • $20.00

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