This extension allow you to create multiple chatbots for customers. [b]90% of customers are more likely to do with companies that answer inquiries instantly.[/b] This is the new way of customer interaction that allow you to elaborate more about your brand and website related information's. It provides live chat interface. You can create multiple predefined questions and answers. It provide the live support to the customers and sellers in many ways like also with images and videos. It gives user friendly experience to customers.

  • * Integrate Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager to the website.
  • * Enable/Disable all the events.
  • * Google Tag’s events that get tracked:
    Page View,
    View Item List,
    View Item,
    Select Item,
    Add to Cart,
    Remove from Cart,
    Add to Wishlist,
    Initiate Checkout,
    Add Shipping Info,
    Add Payment Info,
  • * Product Data Feed attributes: title, link, image, price, sale price, brand, description, availability, condition, google product category
  • * Multi- Currency Supported feeds.
  • * Easy to mapping website categories to google product categories.
    if the category selection is difficult you can also save the google product categories with copy paste method.
  • * Multi-Store Supported.
  • * Multi-Language Supported.
  • * No changes in core files.
  • * Easy to install and Manage.
  • * Installation Guidance included.
  • * Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

GA4 Google Analytics, GTM, Adwords, Feeds

  • $25.00

Tags: GA4 Google Analytics, GTM, Adwords, Feeds