With the help of this extension, you can create unlimited product bundles. The admin can create different types of product bundles with different types of products. The admin can add multiple discounts according to customer groups, as well as for guests or registered users. It is easy to assign multiple products with quantities.

This is a straightforward method to sell multiple products together to customers. Customers can easily purchase multiple products together.

  • * Create multiple bundle categories.
  • * Make multiple bundles of products.
  • * Option to add a specific discount to each bundle product.
  • * Option to add a common discount to all bundle product.
  • * Option to convert related products into bundle products.
  • * Add different discount for different customer groups.
  • * Display latest or featured bundles on any page.
  • * Assign the bundles to a specific category, manufacturer or product.
  • * Different pages for bundle categories, for all bundles.
  • * Customers can add the bundle into cart one click.
  • * Display product options popup on the same page.
  • * SEO URL's supported.
  • * Quick & Easy Update.
  • * Multi-language Supported.
  • * Multi-store Supported.
  • * No changes in core files.
  • * Easy to install and Manage.
  • * Installation Guidance included.
  • * Provide Free Installation and Quick Support.

Product Bundles

  • $20.00

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